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Staking Plan - Betting Strategy
Written by oddsfather    Monday, 17 January 2011 13:30    PDF Print E-mail

A Staking plan and a Betting Strategy that will help you WIN.

First of all Happy New Year to ALL full of joy and happiness.

Staking Plan and Betting Strategy

Long time ago I posted a Blog post and I truly believe it is about time to clarify the betting strategy that I'm following this season. 

In the betting world a very important role plays not only the way we pick the right events to place our bets on but also the staking plan. Lets say that we filter the games we are about to place our money on the very best and most effective way that we have tested and have proved in the past!

- Then the very critical question comes.. How much do we place on this event/game ? Out there there are very many staking plans in all kind of forms and strategies and they all tend to help the bettor place the right amount for the right strategy that he is following!

My staking plan for this season will a be quite simple, proved and effective one.

Lets say I start with the bankroll of 1000 units (as we do here at Oddsfather). I split this bankroll in to two which means 1000 / 2 = 500. Then I split my events based on how risky they are in 3 main categories. Its important to mention here why I split the bankroll in to two. This is done for preventing the loss of my entire bankroll in the days that I doing it bad on picking events/games. Also important is the fact that I do split my bankroll in to two at the beginning of the next betting day. Which means that If I for example won 25 units today, tomorrow my bankroll on which I will deal with will be 1025/2=512,5  From this new bankroll then I will get the right stakes that Im about to place on the events/games that I categorize in three categories

  1. High risk - 2% of the bankroll
  2. Normal risk - 3% of the bankroll
  3. Sure Bets - 5% of the bankroll which is the Max Bet

With this strategy I tend to have disciplinary behavior on the way I place my bets, its an efficient way of staking, its hard to loose the entire bankroll in one bad day and gradually win against the bookmakers. You can follow my Oddstips at any time, which for the time being are FREE.

Don't forget betting it is about picking the right events with the right odds and placing the right stake!



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